Alexandra Nicholson

Editor, reporter, photographer and professional storyteller.


My journey into reporting began when I enrolled in university and became a part of the Calgary Journal news team. I covered many topics such as sexual abuse, human trafficking, systemic gender issues, as well as partnered with many interesting organizations such as The Sprawl in Calgary, Alta.


Reporting never was something I saw myself doing until I studied in Guadalajara, Mexico. I filmed a documentary (Cabezas Cuadradas) there and interviewed many different kinds of people in relation to urban art culture in the city. I was able to tell stories that would have otherwise been silenced due to lack of awareness.



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Peter Brand

Sports and multimedia reporter.

I came back to school to pursue my passions for writing and sports. I knew Journalism was the right program where I could do both.


During my time as a reporter, I have covered many different subjects, however, I have excelled where my passion lies, in sports or athletic-based stories.   



Miguel Ibe
Multimedia reporter and professional storyteller.


As a journalist since entering university, the range in my story palette has seen significant growth over the years.


I have covered several topics, ranging from mental health and musical therapy to city-wide issues like youth involvement and gang violence to niche audiences like sneaker collectors.

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Daniel Khavkin​

Sports and multimedia reporter.


I have written for the Calgary Journal, The Reflector and the Calgary Sun. I have also been a primary game day writer for the Mount Royal Cougar Athletics department.


My longterm interests include sports-related topics and investigations. When I am not writing I spend my time at the gym.

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